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The transformative shift to a decentralized, enterprise-grade cloud provides significant growth opportunities for our channel partners. Join the Impossible Cloud Partner Program and start earning right away.

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How our Channel Partners benefit

The first decentralized, enterprise-grade cloud offers a profitable way to expand your service offerings. Join the Impossible Cloud Partner Network and explore new opportunities and business models with your customers.



Migrate your on-premise customers to the cloud for lower storage and maintenance costs.



Resell Impossible Cloud Storage for high-performance storage use cases.



Implement Impossible Cloud with leading backup and recovery solution vendors, including Veeam and MSP360.


Better offering

Offer your customers faster performance and lower prices while earning more revenue.

Grow new revenue streams

Impossible Cloud’s decentralized enterprise-grade cloud enables businesses to transform their data from a commodity into a competitive advantage by lowering costs and improving performance. Include the next generation of cloud services in your portfolio and create your own value-add solutions. 

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Immediate economic impact

Resell Impossible Cloud and your customers will experience dramatic price and performance improvements while you earn more.

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Migrate your on-premise customers to the cloud

Your customers can store all of their data in Impossible Cloud Storage for less than they currently pay for on-premise storage. Impossible Cloud connects to your on-premise storage interface via the S3 API, and is seamlessly integrated with leading cloud software providers.

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Laptop S3 compatible storage with Object Storage

Seamless integration with leading cloud solutions

Partnering with Impossible Cloud

The Impossible Cloud Partner Program is open for Value-Added Resellers, System Integration Partners, and Managed Service Providers.

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Systems Integrators (SIs)

VARs and SIs can transition customers from siloed data center infrastructure to the decentralized cloud. Impossible Cloud works with leading VARs and SIs to develop and deploy industry-leading cloud solutions. Deliver you customers the full range of services, including cloud assessments, TCO analysis, and migration services to the cloud, or between cloud providers and managed services.

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Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Impossible Cloud works with leading MSPs to deliver enhanced security and privacy to their customers. Create new recurring revenue streams and earn high margins while charging up 50-75% less than traditional cloud solutions. A wide range of integrations and S3 compatibility make it easy to migrate customers to Impossible Cloud.

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Ideal for a wide range of applications

Get started with the most relevant use cases.

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