Full transparency and 50-75% lower TCO with our flexible pricing plans

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Know what you pay and pay less

Your business may be unpredictable, but your data costs shouldn’t be. Avoid billing surprises and benefit from our transparent pricing structure.


Forget about minimum storage time

Other cloud providers charge a prorated fee for deleted objects. With Impossible Cloud you only pay for what you store.


Calculate with a fair minimum file size

Other cloud providers require you to pay high fees even for small files. With Impossible Cloud your small files don’t look big on your storage bill.


Leave outrageous egress fees behind

Other cloud providers charge high egress fees, so that you have a lock-in effect. With Impossible Cloud you don’t have to pay exorbitant fees to move your data.


Stop paying for API calls

Other cloud providers make you pay to send and access your data. Impossible Cloud provides this service without additional fees.


You pay only for what you use.
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Storage per TB


Reserved Capacity Plans

Premium discounts available based on term and capacity.
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Price per TB

Discounted price

Capacity ranges

25 TB - Unlimited

Contract terms

1-5 years

Upfront payment

Payment terms

Flexible pricing for partners

We make buying cloud storage highly attractive for our partners. You can purchase cloud storage in 1, 3 or 5 year increments and realize greater discounts for term and capacity.

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Total Data Stored
Percent Downloaded Per Month
Impossible Cloud Storage is priced significantly lower than traditional hyperscalers and has a transparent pricing scheme. Unlike Amazon S3 and comparable services from Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, Impossible Cloud does not charge for egress or API requests. Try our Cost Comparison to see the savings with Impossible Cloud for your storage scenario.

The Impossible Cloud pricing calculator provides an estimate of your overall Impossible Cloud Storage fees. Your actual fees depend on a number of factors including geographic location and actual usage.

Calculate your cost compared with traditional hyperscalers

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