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Impossible Cloud Storage is ideal for organizations that require storage for big data, backups, and archives. Our decentralized, enterprise-grade, native cloud storage solution offers all the benefits of big tech providers at a fraction of the cost. With Impossible Cloud, you get low latency, high performance, and enterprise-grade security.

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Data cubes representing high performance and connectiveness

Seamless integration with leading cloud software providers

Better cloud storage


Your data is available anywhere and always, ensuring continuous access and business continuity.

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Located at your edge for unparalleled performance, our storage solution delivers instant access and high-speed data transfer.

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Only you have access to your information. We ensure data privacy and compliance with GDPR compliant cloud storage regulations.

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Decentralized architecture

Our decentralized architecture eliminates single points of failure, enhancing data durability and security.

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S3 action list compatibility

Easy to use and easy to switch with full S3 API compatibility, enabling effortless migration and integration.

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Security &

Built-in resilience and immutability features to protect against ransomware attacks and data breaches.

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Cost advantage

Fully enterprise-grade with 80% lower TCO compared to hyperscalers.

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Cloud Storage durability

Protected from ransomware with object lock and designed for 100% durability.

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Durability of cloud storage represented by cubes secured  by cybersecurity and ransomware protection
Use cases

How does cloud storage help my business?

Impossible Cloud Storage is ideal for a wide range of applications, including backup, media management, capturing telemetry data, web content, AI and data analytics.

Backup and disaster recovery.

Critical for any business. Use immutable buckets to lock data for a set time, preventing malicious encryption or removal. Our backup solutions ensure data integrity and reliable cloud backup.

Surveillance data storage.

Maintain video surveillance data with instant accessibility, powerful security, and lower storage costs. Multi-region compatibility and geo-fencing ensure access from anywhere. Perfect for high-speed media storage.

Data archiving.

Always have necessary information at your fingertips. Store all your data with a single solution, reducing time and complexity. Our scalable cloud storage meets all archiving needs, offering cost-effective solutions.

Ransomware protection.

Industry-leading ransomware protection. Our immutable storage ensures your data cannot be altered or deleted, providing robust defense against ransomware attacks. Seamlessly integrate with backup software to enhance your data security strategy and ensure business continuity.


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