Impossible Surveillance Cloud

Maintain video surveillance data in the cloud with easy setup, powerful security, and low storage costs. Cloud storage made in Germany.

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Impossible Surveillance Cloud Video

Discover how this cutting-edge solution combining seamless video surveillance management and scalable cloud storage is revolutionizing surveillance systems, enhancing security, and streamlining operations for businesses worldwide.

What is Impossible Surveillance Cloud?

Impossible Surveillance Cloud (ISC) is a bundled offering that integrates Tiger Surveillance Bridge with Impossible Cloud hot storage for seamless surveillance video management.

Tiger Surveillance is the leading data management and protection software provider for video surveillance, connecting any VMS on a local recording server with an Impossible Cloud Storage bucket.

With ISC, you can scale your surveillance video management solution without the need for a disruptive overhaul, ensuring your surveillance operations remain efficient and robust.

Unlike other surveillance solutions, ISC stands out with its affordable cloud-based Disaster Recovery, guaranteeing business continuity, and instantly scalable storage that meets any retention requirements. It also ensures GDPR compliance through its tier 3+ data centers located in Germany.

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Image showing multiple monitors of a security company surveilling

Better surveillance cloud storage for Europe

Iron-Clad Security

Multi-layer encryption

In addition to your on site encryption, files receive multi-layer encryption - in transit, at rest and on the server.

Durability and Disaster Recovery

With Versioning enabled, effortless file recovery is assured, shielding against user errors and application failures and thereby ensuring business continuity.

Identity and access management

MFA and IAM are enabled for each account. Enable MFA for access to files and objects. Use IAM to create multiple users, sub-users, and groups.

High Performance

Real-time processing capability

Process and analyze video data in real-time for swift detection and response to security incidents.

Scalable infrastructure

Handle increased demand without compromising performance by choosing a responsive and adaptable video storage solution.

Low-latency communication

Surveillance data is transmitted quickly and reliably, allowing for timely decision-making and reducing the risk of delays.

Seamless integration

Easy to use and integrate with any IT infrastructure

S3-API compatibility enables you to continue using your existing scripts.

Fast and easy installation

Download and install software in minutes. Simply select any VMS in the dropdown menu and choose Impossible Cloud as Storage endpoint.

Seamless integration with VMS solutions

100% compatibility with your current VMS solution via Tiger Bridge. Optimized for hybrid-cloud solutions.

Lowest TCO

Cost savings for end users

Discounted pricing for end users and pay per use pricing plans make it easy and affordable to scale as data volumes grow.

Competitive rates for Resellers/Distributors

Resellers and distributors pay an even more attractive price per terabyte per month for improved channel margins and transparent billing.

Clear value for partners

In addition to significant TCO savings, partners benefit from seamless integration, simplified user management, and top-notch service without hidden fees.

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Securing surveillance data in the cloud has never been easier

Image in which the process of data is created, sent to Tiger Surveillance bridge and then stored in the Impossible cloud servers in Germany


Area activity is recorded by devices. Camera recordings are stored on local recording servers.

Surveillance Bridge by Tiger Surveillance

Tiger Surveillance Bridge seamlessly transfers camera recordings to Impossible Cloud Storage.

Premier Cloud Storage

Surveillance data is stored safely and cost effectively in Impossible Cloud,and is always instantly available.

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Surveillance Cloud Storage for Europe across a network of certified data centers.

Image of the world being covered by green cubes representing Impossible Cloud data centers all across Europe

Scaling your existing video surveillance solution can be secure, performant, easy to integrate and cost-effective. Find out more.