Impossible Cloud

Frequently asked questions

What is Impossible Cloud?

Impossible Cloud offers secure, scalable, and high-performance cloud storage solutions at a fraction of the cost of big tech providers. Our services include advanced security features, GDPR compliance, and seamless integration with leading cloud software providers.

What makes Impossible Cloud different?

Our decentralized architecture ensures high durability (99.999999999%), low latency, and cost efficiency. We offer up to 80% savings compared to traditional cloud providers, with no egress or hidden fees.

How does Impossible Cloud ensure data security?

We use multi-layer encryption (in transit, at rest, and server-side), MFA, and programmable IAM. We also support data immutability with versioning and object lock to protect against ransomware attacks.

Is Impossible Cloud GDPR compliant?

Yes, all data is stored in GDPR-compliant, ISO-certified data centers within Europe, ensuring your data is handled according to the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

What is the pricing model of Impossible Cloud?

Impossible Cloud offers transparent pricing at $7.99 per TB per month, with no hidden fees for egress, API calls, or minimum storage periods.

How does Impossible Cloud integrate with existing systems?

Our storage is 100% S3 API compatible, allowing easy migration and integration with your existing scripts and tools. We support leading data management solutions like Acronis, Veeam, and Comet Backup.

What are some key use cases for Impossible Cloud?

Key use cases include data protection, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, multimedia content storage, and video surveillance. Our cloud storage solutions are designed for both enterprises and SMBs.

How can I get started with Impossible Cloud?

Contact our sales team to learn more about our services, pricing, and how to get started. We also offer a risk-free 30-day free trial here on our website which you can sign up for at any time.