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Join the no-code evolution of data management, gain faster business insights, integrate all data sources and enable several governance features out of the box – all while saving costs!

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A new level of built-in security

Impossible Cloud provides industry-leading cloud security. From the moment you connect, all commands and data are encrypted, both in transit and at rest.

All of our physical storage devices encrypt their hard drives, protecting your data at a lower layer. Identity and Access Management and immutable buckets enhance security even further, all without impacting your experience or our performance.

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Image representing how  Impossible Cloud prioritizes security and compliance and how it uses Algorythmic encryption, Immutable buckets and IAM

Best-in-class security standards

Impossible Cloud leverages industry-leading standards to guard against unwanted access for increased cloud security.

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Multi-layer encryption

Every file is encrypted in transit, at rest, and server-side by default.


Identity Access Management (IAM)

Allows the creation of multiple users, access keys, sub-users, and groups with a flexible range of access rules.


Programmatic IAM

Enables Identity Access Management entirely via the command line. 


Object lock

An optional setting that retains all stored files in their original state, rendering them essentially immutable, undeletable, and impervious to ransomware attacks.



Enables you to keep track of all file updates, save a copy of each version, and return to previous versions at any time.


Multi-factor identification (MFA)

Optionally enable adaptive MFA to further secure access to important files and objects and prevent bad actors from compromising your data.


Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Protect your data from malicious access on the web such as cross-site scripting (XSS).

Built-in ransomware protection

Impossible Cloud Storage adds resiliency as a key element for your secure cloud. With our decentralized network of enterprise-grade data centers and a continuous audit and repair process, we’re able to limit the vulnerability of the network to a bare minimum, keeping your data safe and always available. Our distributed network architecture eliminates single points of failure, effectively preventing ransomware attacks.

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Check out our easy guide to Buckets and Objects and discover key features like Object Lock and Versioning that keep your data safe and recoverable.

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