Decentralized Cloud Storage

Impossible Cloud utilizes decentralized architecture to eliminate single points of failure and provide enhanced security and performance.

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Hosted in top-tier data centers

Unparalleled availability with seamless orchestration

Our enterprise-grade storage hubs operate as a single entity in both the networking and orchestration layer. All storage hubs are connected by high-speed fabric links on a separate communication backbone to ensure uninterrupted availability.

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Hot storage meets highest industry standards

Impossible Cloud Storage stores data on enterprise-grade storage hubs with high storage network capacity, reducing latency and maximizing performance. Located at your edge for unparalleled performance.

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Continuously monitored data integrity

Data integrity is continuously reviewed for integrity and suspect data is automatically restored and written to other storage hubs. Our erasure coding algorithm requires only parts of the encrypted data to recreate the whole object, ensuring your data is always available when and where you need it.

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Seamless multi-region orchestration at no extra cost

Impossible Cloud Storage operates multi-region dispersed storage hubs in enterprise-grade data centers to ensure seamless orchestration across regions at no extra cost. A similar service provided by traditional cloud providers requires manual configuration and a secondary ARN or URL.

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