Cloud Storage availability

Impossible Cloud Storage, with its best-in-class availability SLA of 99.95%, ensures your data is instantly available whenever you need it. Our high availability cloud storage solutions provide reliable cloud storage with seamless access anytime, ensuring business continuity and efficiency.

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All data hosted in top-tier data centers

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You data is always available

With Impossible Cloud Storage, your data is stored throughout a global network of enterprise-grade data centers. This decentralized architecture eliminates single points of failure, ensuring your data is always available when you need it. Our reliable cloud storage solutions guarantee continuous access and robust data protection, making your data instantly available.

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Image of a computer showing it has global network of data centers, no signle points of failure and instantly available data with the Impossible Cloud Storage platform

Superior cloud storage availability

Image of Impossible cloud being able to scale indefinetely and be available anywhere

Distributed storage

A stored object is never in a single location. Components of the data are divided and sent to related data centers. When you request the data, it is instantly and automatically reconstituted. This distributed storage method enhances data redundancy and accessibility.


Multi-zone data distribution

Data is multi-regional automatically and by default. Unlike traditional cloud services, there are no extra fees to ensure that your data is always accessible. This automatic multi-zone data distribution provides high availability and robust cloud storage.


Global availability

Impossible Cloud orchestrates your data to be stored in data centers based on local latency and reputation. Your data is stored in data centers with the quickest response, guaranteeing rapid access to your data.

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