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Impossible Cloud and Storware work seamlessly together to provide fast, secure, and outage proof cloud storage for IT professionals and data-driven businesses.

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Supported Platforms: On the left side, a list of supported platforms is shown. 
This includes various virtualization platforms like VMware, Azure Stack HCI, Nutanix, and many more. It also includes container solutions like Kubernetes and storage providers such as Ceph RBD and Nutanix Files.

Virtual Machines: A set of icons indicating that virtual machines (VMs) on cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2, Azure, and Microsoft 365 can be managed.
Storage Providers: A list of storage solutions including SUSE Enterprise Storage and different file system types (such as local, iSCSI, NFS, SMB) is shown, suggesting these are the types of storage the system can work with.
Applications: This section includes databases (like SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL), application data, and other apps, indicating the backup solution can handle a variety of application-level data.
OS Agent: At the bottom, there are icons for Windows and Linux, implying that the system has agents that can run on these operating systems to manage backups.
Storware Backup & Recovery: In the center, there's a central block representing the "Storware Backup & Recovery" solution, which is the main focus of the diagram.
Backup Destination: On the right, the diagram shows different backup destinations such as Object Storage, File System, Tape, and Enterprise Backup Providers (like IBM Spectrum Protect, Dell EMC Networker, etc.). This suggests that the "Storware Backup & Recovery" system can send backups to various types of storage solutions.
Impossible Cloud: In the object storage section of the backup destination, there's a brand called "Impossible Cloud," which seems to be one of the object storage options available.
The diagram is color-coded and uses arrows to indicate the flow of data from the supported platforms, through the Storware Backup & Recovery system, to the various backup destinations. This would typically be used to explain how a backup solution can be integrated into an existing IT environment, showcasing its flexibility and the wide range of systems it supports.

Storware and Impossible Cloud Storage are better together

Use Storware's fast, secure backup software in conjunction with S3-compatible Impossible Cloud Storage to safeguard your data, ensure business continuity, and prepare for emergencies. Under one license, Storware supports the world’s widest portfolio of platforms and backup destinations.

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Build the enterprise-grade backup with Storware and Impossible Cloud Storage

Storware and Impossible Cloud Storage work seamlessly together to build your enterprise-grade backup. Both have been designed to benefit IT professionals and data-driven businesses.

Admin Oriented Managment


Intuitive user interface

Get instant control of data management functions. Thanks to the straightforward GUI, choosing your preferred settings is fast and easy. Use graphic reports and statistics to verifying their effectiveness.



Highly-responsive 24/7 global support and the Storware Insight option. Storware Insight is an additional technical support enhancement. It sends a daily report on your instance so that our support can react quickly when something unexpected occurs.


Easy management

Storware allows you to reliably improve and automate backup performance, automate recovery tests, and significantly save time. What’s more, the richness of Backup SLAs gives the option to select the appropriate backup policy and create an optimal backup schedule.


Security and Reporting

Role-based access controls give administrators greater control over security and an advanced reporting system to evaluate the size and time of backup/restore operations.

Business Oriented Features


Cost Optimization

Affordable licensing with no hidden costs. Individual modules of our application, which you can freely configure, are responsible for protecting critical data processing, storage, and sharing.



It is ready to grow together with you via multi-node architecture. Scale-out by adding as many nodes as you need, scale-up by assigning more resources to Storware nodes.



Independent data protection solution with no vendor lock-in. A single application that can backup various virtualization platforms to various backup providers with the world’s most extensive portfolio of supported hypervisors.



The development map of our application includes not only essential improvements, support for new workloads, and further certifications confirming compatibility with the solutions we support. There is also room for extra features requested by our clients.

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