Peace of mind in an increasingly complex data protection landscape

The combination of Veritas’ globally recognized data protection solution and Impossible Cloud’s highly secure, scalable, yet affordable storage offer a truly powerful solution.

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Elite Partner in the Veritas Technology Ecosystem

Impossible Cloud is an Elite Partner in the Veritas Technology Ecosystem and delivers robust, easy-to-use and reliable backup capabilities with secure and scalable decentralized cloud services that are fully compliant with enterprise and regional standards. This provides channel partners and business customers with a simple, powerful and transparently-priced solution to comply with data privacy laws and ensure critical business data is never at risk of being lost, stolen, or corrupted.

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Realize 3 compelling advantages with Veritas Backup Exec and Impossible Cloud Storage

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Powerful backup and recovery

Veritas Backup Exec is a globally recognized leader in the field of data protection and offers powerful backup and recovery capabilities. Its ability to quickly backup physical, virtual, and cloud data provides MSPs with a solution that ensures immediate and accurate data recovery.


Scalable, compliant data storage

Impossible Cloud’s storage is highly scalable as there are no egress or other hidden fees, offering true scalability and transparent pricing. Our GDPR-compliant data centers, triple-encryption mechanism and geofencing in Germany further reassure MSPs and their customers of data sovereignty.


Easy-to-use, streamlined account management

Impossible Cloud’s intuitive partner portal simplifies the management of storage accounts for MSPs and Resellers. By facilitating seamless access to customer data for accurate billing, the partner portal eliminates billing disputes and improves customer satisfaction. 

Leverage seamless hybrid storage

With the ability to manage data across disk, tape, and the cloud, Veritas Backup Exec provides a unified interface and various deployment choices for storage.  Impossible Cloud Storage can easily be set up as Cloud Storage for Veritas Backup Exec. This combination minimizes your reliance on expensive and complex local storage hardware. By migrating rarely used or archived data to the cloud, you can reduce your overall storage costs.

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