Seamless integration with StarWind Storage Gateway

Impossible Cloud and StarWind work seamlessly together to provide fast, secure, and outage proof cloud storage for IT professionals and data-driven businesses.

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Enterprise-grade cloud storage and security

StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is the “software replaces hardware” for tape libraries. It’s a critical component of the contemporary backup and archive infrastructure.
StarWind uses proprietary tape emulation software, combined with a high-capacity inexpensive spinning disks, flash memory, and cloud storage to create a virtual tape library. It seamlessly integrates with an existing tape-centric backup infrastructure to create a powerful, immutable, and air-gapped ransomware-proof backup and archive target.

Duplicati being integrated with Impossible Cloud

Get all benefits of Impossible Cloud Storage with StarWind VTL


80% lower Cloud Storage TCO

while fulfilling above industry standard performance, availability, and durability.


Immediate access to enterprise features

like versioning, object lock, and programmatic IAM API.


Know what you pay and pay less

without fees for egress, API requests or minimum storage time.

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StarWind and Impossible Cloud Storage are better together

Use StarWind's fast, secure backup software in conjunction with S3-compatible Impossible Cloud Storage to safeguard your data, ensure business continuity, and prepare for emergencies. Under one license, StarWind supports the world’s widest portfolio of platforms and backup destinations.

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Build the enterprise-grade backup with StarWind and Impossible Cloud Storage

StarWind and Impossible Cloud Storage work seamlessly together to build your enterprise-grade backup. Both have been designed to benefit IT professionals and data-driven businesses.


Flexibility and Simplicity

StarWind is a one-stop virtualization shop and the only provider for full-stack datacenter infrastructure you need. A typical system administrator would do the job without any special storage network management skills.


Fault Tolerance and Performance

StarWind brings virtualization infrastructure resilience to an entirely new level by putting High Availability “on steroids” and bringing it to Fault Tolerance.


Cost Reduction and Planning

StarWind offers extreme cost efficiency, going as far as being entirely free, and caters to a diverse range of customers, including those with the most budget-conscious needs.


Management and Reporting

StarWind optimizes datacenter performance through advanced management tools like web-based consoles, CLI, and integration plugins.

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How to guide for integrating Storware

Easy and fast integration with Storware and Impossible Cloud Storage

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