Surveillance data storage

Maintain video surveillance data in the cloud with instant accessibility, powerful security, and lower storage costs.

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Hosted in top-tier data centers

AICPA SOC 2 Compliance Certification
PCi SS Compliance Certification
GDPR Compliance Certification

Decentralization will shape the future of data storage

Impossible Cloud improves the security, cost, and accessibility of video hosting, distribution, and streaming. Our cloud native decentralized architecture reduces complexity, boosts security, and offers on-demand access to your surveillance data. Not only that, but it also has storage and egress charges that are 80% less expensive compared to traditional cloud storage providers.

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Image representing data in the video format being stored in data centers that are decentrilized

Integrated worldwide distribution

Impossible Cloud Storage offers standard multi-region compatibility and geo-fencing, ensuring that surveillance data is always accessible from anywhere.

Accessibility and security

Every file is stored with default encryption. Erasure coding, 99.95% availability, 99.999999999% durability, and an enterprise-level level of assurance.

Lower costs and improved economics

Your storage and egress costs will be reduced by 80% with Impossible Cloud Storage . Forget about extra expenses for multi-region distribution, or unexpectedly high egress fees-you’ll have one transparent pricing plan.

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Comply with surveillance regulations while saving

Impossible Cloud Storage makes it easy to meet your surveillance data storage and compliance requirements without spending more. Higher video resolution has resulted in an explosive growth of data, which can result in higher storage costs. Impossible Cloud lets you store all your surveillance data without breaking your budget.

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Image with our complicance standards containing the logos of: AICPA SOC 2, PCi DSS,EQUINIX, GDPR, ISO27001, NIST, AICPA SOC, HIPAA, ISO 2301
Image of computers storing data in the format of media files in the cloud storage

Optimize your surveillance data

Impossible Cloud enables you to ensure consistent data processing, decrease the cost of surveillance data storage, and increase the durability of your data. You can also use a hybrid approach with the most critical data stored locally and a full archive of media files in the Impossible Cloud.

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