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Impossible Cloud Storage is the leading solution for ransomware protection through immutability, integration with your backup software, and a comprehensive backup strategy.

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Reduce the risk of ransomware attacks

Prepare today so that your business can continue to operate without interruption. Add our immutability feature to your backup strategy to effectively save yourself from bad actors looking to hold your data for ransom. 

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Immutable offsite copy of your data

The increased cloud security standard stipulates that one offsite copy must be immutable in order to guarantee complete data integrity for the designated retention term. With Impossible Cloud Storage, your data is immutable to prevent accidental additions or deletions.

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Your data is protected - here’s how

Object lock

Protect your data with object lock policies to prevent unauthorized changes or deletions. This is crucial for ransomware protection, ensuring your data remains secure and immutable. Customize retention periods to suit your needs.

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Life cycle management

Implement intelligent rules to manage data storage efficiently. Transfer or delete data after a specified period to optimize costs and storage. This feature ensures compliance and cost-effectiveness while keeping your data management streamlined.

Enterprise-grade IAM

Enhance security with our robust Identity Access Management. Features include multi-factor authentication (MFA) and role-based access control (RBAC), providing advanced ransomware protection and ensuring only authorized access.

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Unlimited scalability

Expand your data storage effortlessly with our scalable architecture. Add data without any configuration changes, maintaining high performance and security. This ensures your storage capacity grows with your business needs.

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At Impossible Cloud, we strive to make your cloud experience as seamless and secure as possible. Our latest video dives into two essential features: Object Lock and Versioning. These tools are crucial for maintaining data integrity and protecting your valuable information.

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