Pioneering Decentralized Cloud: Impossible Cloud Network Unveils First Multi-Service Protocol

Pioneering Decentralized Cloud: Impossible Cloud Network Unveils First Multi-Service Protocol

  • Impossible Cloud, a leading European cloud storage provider handling more than 20-50 million files daily with millions in contract revenues, is launching Impossible Cloud Network to challenge the status quo of the monopolized public cloud. 
  • Impossible Cloud Network is a decentralized, open, multi-service platform leveraging web3 technologies for enhanced data security, integrity, resiliency, and availability.
  • Led by Kai Wawrzinek, PhD, and Christian Kaul, PhD, serial entrepreneurs whose former companies achieved billion-dollar revenues and a history of successful NSADAQ IPOs, Impossible Cloud Network represents the next step toward an open cloud.

Hamburg, May 30th — Impossible Cloud, Europe's fastest-growing cloud services provider, founded by serial entrepreneurs with previous multi-billion dollar success in the gaming industry which has raised close to $17M over two funding rounds, announces the launch of Impossible Cloud Network. This groundbreaking, enterprise-grade alternative to big tech cloud platforms is built on a web3 technology stack, setting a new standard in the decentralized cloud landscape. 

Founders’ Vision and Success

Impossible Cloud Network is the latest brainchild of Kai Wawrzinek, PhD and Christian Kaul, PhD, both seasoned entrepreneurs with remarkable track records:

  • Kai Wawrzinek, PhD, Co-Founder: A serial entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in Law, Kai founded and led Goodgame Studios to over 1,000 employees. In 2018, he took the company public on the NASDAQ as Stillfront Group via a reverse merger. Kai’s accolades include the “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year” award and a Deloitte Fast 50 success. 
  • Christian Kaul, PhD, Co-Founder: With a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Christian is a serial entrepreneur and held significant roles at Groupon and Airbnb before joining Goodgame Studios to help achieve sales revenues of over €1 billion. 

Enterprise Demand-First Approach 

Unlike many web3 companies, Impossible Cloud approached the market with a demand-first strategy, finding product-market fit and significant revenue generation with a fundamental cloud service first. Kai and Christian realized that to achieve mass adoption, the open cloud needs to compete with the current public cloud providers in terms of quality, convenience, price, and support. As of early 2024, the company boasts millions in contract revenues, thousands of B2B clients, and handles between 20 to 50 million files daily using enterprise-grade hardware in multiple data centers across Europe and the US.

Impossible Cloud Network, promoted and supported by Impossible Cloud, represents the next evolution in the company's mission. By launching a multi-service decentralized network, Impossible Cloud is extending its cloud service offerings into a new frontier of web3 technology.

“Our platform finally brings the advantages of web3 to businesses. We're building a better cloud that's so secure, scalable, and cost-effective that the biggest companies in the world will run their operations in it”, says Impossible Cloud Network CEO Dr. Kai Wawrzinek.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Service-level oracle nodes: Community participation paves the way for performance and quality guarantees by constantly monitoring the underlying hardware.
  • First-to-Market multi-service protocol: Impossible Cloud Network is the first to launch a decentralized platform ready to support multiple cloud services, generating substantial revenue from its inception and setting a new industry standard. For existing web3 cloud projects, Impossible Cloud Network offers a chance to boost the use of services and tokens. 
  • Decentralized platform: The platform introduces a transformative approach to cloud infrastructure with an open, community-driven, and programmable architecture without the inertia present in current solutions. 
  • Enterprise-grade hardware: While harder as a starting point for a web3 business, enterprise-grade hardware is a requirement for many business users. Ultimately, this results in stronger demand as the enterprise revenue opportunity is immense. 
  • Real-World application and success: The first service of the new network is fully operational, with business clients uploading more than 20 million files daily on Impossible Cloud Storage, showcasing the platform’s robustness and market acceptance.
  • Demand-based Incentivization: The platform incorporates mechanisms for optimal resource utilization.

Opportunities for Stakeholders

Impossible Cloud Network is a win-win-win platform. Hardware providers, i.e. professionals with hardware in enterprise-grade data centers, can join Impossible Cloud Network for sustainable growth opportunities. Enthusiasts from the community will run oracle nodes to profit from the underlying cloud growth and forthcoming ICN Token.Service providers can unlock innovation with Impossible Cloud Network’s programmable platform, while business owners can discover high-performance cloud solutions for their business needs.

For more information, visit the Impossible Cloud Network website or join our community on Twitter and Discord.




About Impossible Cloud

Impossible Cloud is Europe's premier cloud storage solution delivering hyperscale edge performance, industry-leading ransomware protection, and up to 80% savings on total cloud spend. The platform is based on web3 technology and a decentralized infrastructure, which allows it to be scalable, secure, and cost-effective. With just a single line of code, customers can access Impossible Cloud's Storage.

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Additional info about Impossible Cloud for pitch:

- more than €1,2M revenue contracted

- more than €5M target by EOY '24

- €17M funding raise. 

- €125B Market opportunity (rough size of IaaS market '24) 

- Most notable investors are 1kx, HV and Protocol labs.


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