Disaster recovery for 50-75% lower TCO

Robust disaster prevention and recovery ensures your business continuity.

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Hosted in top-tier data centers

100% durability by design

Impossible Cloud Storage is designed for 100% durability and 99.95% availability, outperforming Amazon S3 for a fraction of the cost. Our decentralized storage network with modern security and encryption technologies delivers industry-leading metrics for disaster recovery.

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Immutable storage protects your data

Impossible Cloud Storage includes immutable buckets, also known as object locks, that allow you to lock your data for a set amount of time so it can’t be changed or deleted. With immutable storage, your data can’t be maliciously encrypted or removed, whether by accident or intent.

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Cloud Native Storage

Impossible Cloud Storage is cloud-native and optimized for robust data storage, disaster prevention and recovery, with seamless integrations to other cloud storage and backup solutions.

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Seamless integration with leading cloud solutions

Impossible Cloud disaster recovery costs 50-75% less compared to hyperscalers

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