Better backup

Backing up company data is critical for any modern business. Impossible Cloud is designed for 100% durability, 99.95% availability, and industry leading security, outperforming Amazon S3 at a fraction of the cost.

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Hosted in top-tier data centers

The next generation of security and recoverability

Impossible Cloud improves overall security by integrating centralized storage security approaches with decentralized data storage technologies. Your files are encrypted and distributed around a global network of enterprise-grade data centers.

We protect your data from ransomware assaults and cybercrime by combining industry best practices with the leading-edge tools of a decentralized network.

Immutability for your backup

Impossible Cloud Backup includes immutable buckets, also known as object locks, that allow you to lock your data for a set amount of time. With immutable storage, your data can’t be maliciously edited, encrypted or deleted.

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*For 100TB of storage volume; your annual TCO savings would likely be 45-65%

Backup just got more affordable

Backing up company data is mission critical but often comes with a high price tag that increases over time. As the volume of data expands, particularly if your company uses big data or other storage-intensive tools, more storage capacity is needed. Impossible Cloud Storage enables you to scale while minimizing costs.

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Seamless integration

The Impossible Cloud API is fully compatible with AWS S3 and seamlessly integrated with leading cloud software like MSP360, Veeam, or Redstor.

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Why switch to Impossible Cloud?

Impossible Cloud measurably improves on price, performance, availability, security and durability compared to hyperscalers and private cloud solutions. Impossible Cloud offers faster upload and retrieval, cutting edge security and outage-proof architecture, improved backup RTO and RPO metrics, transparent pricing plans, and 50-75% savings with no egress penalties.


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