The Hyperscaler Pricing Problem (and 5 Ways To Take Control of Your Cloud Spend)

Ryan Miller
June 21, 2024
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The Problem with Hyperscaler Pricing

Cloud storage is indispensable, but the current market is dominated by hyperscalers whose pricing models are notoriously complex and opaque. Let's dive into why this is a problem and how Impossible Cloud offers a solution that brings clarity and cost-efficiency to your cloud storage needs.

Hyperscalers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure often attract businesses with their expansive capabilities and global reach. However, their pricing structures can be convoluted, leading to unpredictable costs. Here's why:

  1. Complex Pricing Tiers: Hyperscalers typically offer various storage classes (e.g., standard, infrequent access, archival), each with its own pricing model. While this flexibility seems advantageous, it often results in businesses overpaying as they struggle to optimize their storage use across these tiers.
  2. Hidden Fees: Many hyperscalers charge additional fees for data retrieval (egress fees), API requests, and inter-region data transfers. These hidden costs can significantly inflate the total bill, making it hard for businesses to forecast expenses accurately​​​​.
  3. Minimum Storage Periods: Some providers enforce minimum storage periods, meaning businesses pay for storage even if they don't use it for the full duration​​.
  4. Opaque Bills: The sheer number of variables and fluctuating costs associated with hyperscaler pricing can make billing statements difficult to decipher, leaving businesses in the dark about what they are actually paying for.

When you realize calculating your cloud storage bill requires a PhD in advanced mathematics.

Impossible Cloud’s Transparent and Cost-Effective Solution

Impossible Cloud addresses these issues head-on with a transparent, user-friendly pricing model that not only reduces cloud storage costs but improves the value you get for your money. Here’s how:

  1. Simple, Predictable Pricing – Our pricing is straightforward and predictable. We charge a flat rate of $7.99 per TB per month without any hidden fees for egress or API calls. This means businesses know exactly what they are paying for each month​​​​.
  2. No Hidden Fees – Unlike hyperscalers, Impossible Cloud does not charge extra for data retrieval, API requests, or data transfers. This eliminates surprise costs and simplifies budgeting​​​​.
  3. Flexible, Pay-As-You-Go – Our pricing model is consumption-based, meaning you only pay for the storage you use. There are no minimum storage periods or unused storage costs, making it easy to scale up or down as needed without financial penalties​​​​.
  4. Lower Compliance Costs – Compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR can be costly and complex, especially when dealing with non-European cloud providers. Impossible Cloud’s data centers are located within Europe, ensuring that all data is stored in compliance with GDPR and other regional regulations. This localized compliance not only ensures data security but also helps businesses avoid the additional costs and complexities associated with meeting regulatory requirements with foreign providers.
  5. Overall Cost Savings – By eliminating hidden fees and offering competitive pricing, Impossible Cloud can reduce your total cloud storage costs by up to 80% compared to hyperscalers. This significant cost advantage allows businesses to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in other critical areas.


Hyperscaler pricing models can leave businesses grappling with unpredictable costs and hidden fees. Impossible Cloud offers a refreshingly transparent and cost-effective alternative, allowing you to manage your cloud storage budget more effectively and achieve significant cost savings. Calculate your cost advantage and experience the difference for yourself.

Ready to say goodbye to complicated pricing? Discover pricing transparency when you switch to Impossible Cloud. Contact us today to learn more!

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