Out with the Old, In with the Cloud: Leibniz Institute’s Digital Transformation

Ryan Miller
July 8, 2024
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Many organizations today struggle with outdated tape storage systems that are unreliable and inefficient. The Leibniz Institute for Educational Information and Research faced this exact challenge. With increasing data volumes and the need for secure, reliable backups, the institute needed a modern solution to replace its cumbersome tape storage. This blog explores their journey from tape to cloud with Impossible Cloud, highlighting the benefits of choosing a German provider and how it can address similar challenges faced by other organizations.

The Challenge: Outdated Technology and New Demands

Klaus Brennscheidt, IT leader at the Leibniz Institute, inherited a cumbersome and unreliable tape storage system. "We used a tape solution that was one of the first things I replaced when I joined the institute," Klaus explained. The need for a more reliable and efficient backup solution was clear due to increasing data volumes and the critical nature of their research data.

Choosing Impossible Cloud: The German Advantage

The decision to choose Impossible Cloud was driven by several key benefits unique to a German provider:

GDPR Compliance: Local Expertise

Ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was crucial for the Leibniz Institute. As a German provider, Impossible Cloud’s deep understanding of local regulations guarantees that sensitive data is managed in full compliance with European laws, providing unmatched peace of mind. It's like having a German engineer double-checking everything—nothing gets past them!

Low Latency: Data at Autobahn Speeds

Data retrieval speed is critical, and Impossible Cloud's German-based data centers ensure exceptionally low latency. The geographical proximity means that data access is faster, enhancing overall performance and efficiency for the institute. No speed limits here!

Seamless Communication: No Need for Google Translate

Choosing a German provider like Impossible Cloud eliminates language barriers and cultural misunderstandings. This shared background ensures smoother communication and a stronger working relationship, as Klaus noted, reducing the need for extensive discussions on data protection.

Transparent Pricing: German Efficiency and Value

Impossible Cloud offers clear and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. This commitment to straightforward and honest pricing aligns with the German reputation for efficiency and value, allowing the institute to achieve significant cost savings without compromising quality.

Robust Security: German Engineering at Its Best

Security is non-negotiable for the Leibniz Institute. Impossible Cloud leverages Germany's renowned engineering standards to provide top-tier security measures, including multi-factor authentication, object lock, and encryption, ensuring data protection against all threats.

The Migration: From Tape to Cloud

The migration process was seamless, thanks to Impossible Cloud's compatibility with existing backup software and its user-friendly interface. "Transitioning from our old tape system to the cloud was surprisingly straightforward. The support team at Impossible Cloud guided us every step of the way," Klaus noted. The institute was able to continue its operations without any disruptions during the transition.

The Results: A New Era of Efficiency and Security

Since migrating to Impossible Cloud, the Leibniz Institute has experienced significant improvements in data management. Data retrieval times have decreased, storage costs have been reduced, and the overall reliability of their backup system has increased. "We've not only saved money but also gained peace of mind knowing our data is secure and easily accessible," Klaus added.

The Leibniz Institute’s journey from tape to cloud with Impossible Cloud underscores the importance of choosing a local, compliant, and high-performance cloud provider. By addressing their needs for reliability, compliance, performance, and cost-efficiency, Impossible Cloud has proven to be an invaluable partner for the institute.

Ready to transform your data storage? If your data storage feels like it belongs in a museum, it's probably time for a change. Learn more about Impossible Cloud’s solutions and how they can benefit your organization. Contact us for more information and get started today!

Blog Posts

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