Introducing the Next Era of Surveillance Data Management: Impossible Surveillance Cloud

Tobias Gebhardt
February 12, 2024
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The surveillance industry is faced with the challenge of having to manage ever increasing amounts of data due to rising security requirements and higher video resolution. This data can be costly to store and manage , which is why we want to make it easier and cheaper to manage and store surveillance data. We are glad to present a new product, which we have developed together with Tiger Technology., the Impossible Surveillance Cloud (ISC).

What is the Impossible Surveillance Cloud?

Impossible Surveillance Cloud (ISC) is a bundled offering that integrates Tiger Surveillance Bridge with Impossible Cloud hot storage for seamless surveillance video management. Tiger Surveillance is the leading data management and protection software provider for video surveillance, connecting any VMS on a local recording server with an Impossible Cloud Storage bucket.

With ISC, you can scale your surveillance video management solution without the need for a disruptive overhaul, ensuring your surveillance operations remain efficient and robust. Unlike other surveillance solutions, ISC stands out with its affordable cloud-based Disaster Recovery, guaranteeing business continuity, and instantly scalable storage that meets any retention requirements. It also ensures GDPR compliance through its tier 3+ data centers located in Germany.

Iron-Clad Security

The Impossible Surveillance Cloud is built on a foundation of robust security measures, ensuring that your surveillance data is protected at every level.

Multi-Layer Encryption: Beyond the encryption you may already have on-site, the Impossible Surveillance Cloud adds multiple layers of encryption to your files—during transit, at rest, and on the server. This comprehensive encryption strategy ensures that your data is secure from unauthorized access at all times.

Durability and Disaster Recovery: Enabled versioning allows for effortless recovery of files, protecting against user errors, application failures, and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. This feature is a testament to the platform’s commitment to data durability and resilience.

Identity and Access Management (IAM): With multi-factor authentication (MFA) and IAM capabilities, the Impossible Surveillance Cloud provides granular control over access to files and objects. These features allow for the creation of multiple user roles, sub-users, and groups, enhancing the security and governance of your data.

High Performance

The platform is engineered for high performance, enabling real-time processing and analysis of video data to swiftly detect and respond to security incidents.

Real-Time Processing Capability: The ability to process and analyze video data in real-time is crucial for the timely detection of and response to security incidents, ensuring that threats are identified and addressed swiftly.

Scalable Infrastructure: As demand increases, the Impossible Surveillance Cloud’s infrastructure can scale accordingly without compromising on performance. This scalability ensures that the system remains responsive and adaptable, regardless of the volume of data.

Low-Latency Communication: Fast and reliable transmission of surveillance data is critical for timely decision-making. The platform’s low-latency communication minimizes delays, reducing the risk of lapses in security coverage.

Seamless Integration

Integration with existing IT infrastructure is effortless, thanks to the platform’s design for compatibility and ease of use.

S3-API Compatibility: The compatibility with S3-API allows businesses to continue utilizing their existing scripts without the need for extensive modifications, facilitating a smooth transition to cloud-based storage.

Fast and Easy Installation: The software can be downloaded and installed within minutes. A simple selection from a dropdown menu of any VMS, paired with Impossible Cloud as the storage endpoint, streamlines the setup process.

Integration with VMS Solutions: With 100% compatibility with current VMS solutions through Tiger Bridge, the platform is optimized for hybrid-cloud solutions, offering a seamless integration experience.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The Impossible Surveillance Cloud is designed to be economically advantageous for end-users, resellers, and distributors alike.

Cost Savings for End Users: Through discounted pricing and pay-per-use plans, the platform is both affordable and scalable, accommodating growing data volumes without undue financial strain.

Competitive Rates for Resellers/Distributors: Offering attractive per-terabyte monthly rates, the platform enables improved channel margins and transparent billing for resellers and distributors.

Clear Value for Partners: Beyond TCO savings, partners enjoy benefits such as seamless integration, simplified user management, and exceptional service, all without hidden fees.

In conclusion, the Impossible Surveillance Cloud represents a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their security infrastructure with high-performance, seamlessly integrated, and cost-effective cloud storage. Its robust security features, high performance, easy integration, and low TCO make it an invaluable asset for any organization that deals with video surveillance data.

Blog Posts

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