Data archiving for hot and cold data

Access vital information for your business whenever you need it. Impossible Cloud Storage is 50-75% less expensive than AWS S3 and you won’t pay extra for hot archiving.

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Hosted in top-tier data centers

Hot archiving for business continuity

With Impossible Cloud all data archiving is hot so you always have the information you need at your fingertips in milliseconds. The ability to store all your data with a single solution, independent of type or retrieval frequency, saves you time and reduces complexity because there’s no need to sort files into separate tiers and types of storage. 

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Cold data archiving becomes hot

Companies typically cold archive data that is seldom accessed but the concept of ‘seldom accessed’ data is becoming obsolete. In a business climate shaped by data-driven technologies and operating models you need instant access to your data. 

With Impossible Cloud Storage you automatically have hot storage for archiving for all your data, and a level of performance cold storage solutions can’t offer.

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Seamless integration

The Impossible Cloud API is fully compatible with AWS S3 and seamlessly integrated with leading cloud software like MSP360, Veeam, or Redstor.

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