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Welcome to Impossible Cloud

Europe's premier cloud storage

Built-in ransomware protection

Unlimited hot storage

80% savings compared to AWS

Made in Europe

100% S3 API compatibility

Top-tier data centers

All data stored in top-tier data centers

ISO 22301 Compliance Certification

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Welcome to the
European business cloud!

Storing data in the cloud is no longer a compliance risk. With Impossible Cloud it's an opportunity to improve data resilience with safer, cheaper, faster, more compliant cloud storage. Future-proof your data management strategy with the European business cloud. 

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Laptop S3 compatible storage with Object Storage

Impossible Cloud

Watch our intro video to see how Impossible Cloud delivers unparalleled security, speed, and savings.

Discover a cloud storage solution that's not only robust and compliant but also significantly cuts your costs.


Unlimited hot storage as your data grows

Impossible Cloud Storage is ideal for organizations that require storage for big data, backups, and archives. Our decentralized, enterprise-grade, native cloud storage solution offers all the benefits of big tech providers at a fraction of the cost.

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Hot storage for high performance

Impossible Cloud Storage is always hot, eliminating the need for tiering files. Ideal for your high-performance applications.

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Optimized for highest durability

Designed for 100% durability and offers effective ransomware protection with object lock for immutable backups.

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Made in Europe for GDPR-compliance

All data is geo-fenced and stored in top-tier data centers that are highly secure, fully redundant, and certified for compliance.

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One line of code

S3 API action list compatibility allows you to switch to with a single line of code and continue using your existing scripts.

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Know what you pay and pay less

Impossible Cloud offers simple and transparent pricing plans including Pay-per-Use and Reserved Capacity Plans. All plans offer significant savings of up to 80% compared to AWS S3.

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Seamless integration with leading cloud solutions

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Best-in-class cloud storage for a fraction of the cost

Impossible Cloud Storage is ideal for organizations that want to securely back up their data and reduce their total cloud spend.

  • 80% cost savings: Significant reduction compared to AWS S3.
  • GDPR compliant cloud storage: Data stored in top-tier European data centers.
  • S3 API compatibility: Easy migration and seamless integration.

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