Store and maintain data in accordance with GDPR

Impossible Cloud ensures compliance with the stringent regulations for the management and security of personal data.

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Storage in compliance with GDPR

Whether you utilize primary storage for application data and content, secondary storage for backup or disaster recovery, and archival storage for long-term data and record retention - you're always GDPR compliant with Impossible Cloud.

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Data sovereignty

Impossible Cloud ensures that for European customers all customer data is stored in the EU. Also, if required, you can geo-fence data only within Germany.

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GDPR compliance measures

To safeguard the privacy and integrity of customer data and the physical security of its storage facilities, Impossible Cloud combines security best practices with leading edge technology. We deploy strict authentication and permission controls, and encrypt all data both in transit and at rest.

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Enterprise-grade data centers

Impossible Cloud works with data centers that fulfill the highest industry standards and comply with most international standards such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2. To prevent unlawful infiltration, each site has onsite security guards on duty 24/7/365 and is under continual surveillance by security cameras.


Data Privacy and Security

Impossible Cloud supports a comprehensive set of data privacy and security capabilities to prevent unauthorized disclosure of  personal data. Strong multi-factor user authentication features tightly control access to stored data. Sophisticated identity access management and administratively defined policies selectively grant permissions to users or groups of users. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and transmitted via HTTPS.


Data Durability and Protection

Impossible Cloud is engineered at its core for data durability and integrity. With a 99.95% SLA, Impossible Cloud protects data against hardware failures or media errors.


Data Ownership and Disclosure

The Impossible Cloud Terms of Use Agreement grants the data controller exclusive ownership and control of stored  data. Under the terms of the agreement the subscriber (data controller) maintains ownership of all subscriber data. All data stored on Impossible Cloud remains the exclusive and confidential property of the subscriber.


Secure network architecture

Impossible Cloud employs advanced network security elements, including firewalls and other boundary protection devices to monitor and control communications at internal and external network borders. These border security devices segregate customer data and regulate the flow of communications between networks to prevent unauthorized access to Impossible Cloud infrastructure and services. 


Access Logging

Impossible Cloud supports detailed storage access logs for audit purposes. Log records contain information about each access request such as the request type, accessed resources, and the date and time the request was processed.


Data Portability and Deletion

Impossible Cloud customers can easily export data to another storage platform or delete personal data to comply with GDPR data  portability and right-to-erasure requirements.


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